Thomas Quinn is a Native hunting guide and expert tracker living in the Yukon. Quinn initiated Benton Fraser to the art of tracking by smelling and tasting objects found on the ground when the constable was twelve years old. He became his mentor after leading him through the bush to find a caribou. Fraser had left on a hunting trip without his grandparents' permission; he envied his friend Innusiq for taking part in hunting activities and wanted to do the same. Quinn found him and helped him see his motivation to kill a caribou was wrong; he did not need it but was trying to prove something, taking an animal's life in the process, an act Fraser would later qualify as "one of the biggest mistakes of my life."

Quinn visited Fraser in Chicago in the fall of 1998. He had come to speak to a power company representative about the flooding occuring at home due to their hydroelectric dam's activity. He was concerned about the welfare of the animals more than that of his own people who had already moved away from the area. The power company refused to cooperate, and Quinn wanted to hire a lawyer to force them to act. While in Chicago, Quinn witnessed a jewellery theft and took part in the interception of the robbers. He took the jewels from one of the men and hid them. Fraser suspected him of wanting to sell them and use the money for legal fees. Quinn had instead taken the jewels back to the Canadian consulate.

Thomas Quinn was portrayed by the late Cree actor Gordon Tootoosis.

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