RCMP Maintiens le Droit

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is a police force most commonly associated with Canada's western and Atlantic provinces as well as territories as the main police force outside of major cities. It is the national police force and the Canadian equivalent of the American FBI. It was formed in 1920 with the merging of the two largest police forces of the time, the North-West Mounted Police and Dominion Police to better serve the people and unify Canada's police services. The RCMP's motto is "Maintiens le Droit," which is French for "Maintain the Right."

Affectionately called "mounties" with their famous stetson and red uniform known as red serge, RCMP officers got their name from their origins in the NWMP as mounted units on horseback. Nowadays, officers generally wear uniforms similar to that of local and provincial law enforcement consisting of a light grey shirt, black trousers with a yellow band, ankle boots and a dark blue jacket. Variations on the uniform differ in rank and as the climate changes.

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