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Robert Fraser (1937-1994) was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant, and Constable Benton Fraser's father. He served in the RCMP for over 30 years in the Northwest Territories and the Yukon prior to his murder in 1994.

Fraser Sr. was portrayed by Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent.

Career Edit

Robert Fraser's career involved the capture of dangerous criminals and assistance to many individuals, making him an illustrious figure in the RCMP. This includes the Ellesmere incident during which Fraser dealt with an Inuit relocation situation, staking, marking out, and setting up a post office on the island to collect the Inuit's relocation reimbursement checks and pay for a lawyer that would sue the government for attempting to relocate them by force. That year, MacLean's magazine established Ellesmere Island as having the lowest crime rate in Canada.

In the spring of 1994, Sergeant Fraser was shot to death in the Yukon mountains while tracking a suspect. It was later discovered that the suspect was involved in an illicit RCMP affair that was allowing an electrical company to harm the environment. This would all be revealed by Constable Benton Fraser who would also discover that RCMP Chief Superintendent Gerrard was involved in the affair and the cover-up of his father's murder.  

Personal Life Edit

Ghost Sergeant Robert Fraser
Fraser Sr. met and befriended Chief Superintendent Gerrard early in his career as well as Sergeant Buck Frobisher. In the early 1960's, Fraser and Frobisher became acquainted with a woman named Caroline Pinsent. In an effort to settle the dispute over who could attempt to court Caroline first, Fraser and Frobisher engaged in a shooting match, in which Fraser won. The strained relationship never worsened, and the two remained good friends.

By 1962, Robert Fraser and Caroline were married and spending the winter in an igloo after their cabin burned down. Their son Benton was born later that year. In 1968, Caroline was murdered by weapon smuggler Holloway Muldoon; with the loss of his wife and his constant work, Fraser sent Benton to live with his grandparents who were traveling librarians. Two years after Caroline's death, Fraser Sr. befriended a married trapper named Ellen MacKenzie and became romantically involved with her. Her husband Matthew Stern worked as a prospector and was often away from home, living at the mine for long periods of time. Unbeknownst to Fraser Sr., the trapper became pregnant and gave birth to his daughter Margaret MacKenzie a year after her husband's death in a mine explosion. Fraser met the child on a few occasions but was never made aware of his fatherhood. Ellen MacKenzie kept this secret to herself, and everyone believed Maggie was Stern's child.  

Ghostly Manifestations Edit

Due South - Fraser Sr01:28

Due South - Fraser Sr. On Giving his Wife a Speeding Ticket

A few months after his death, Robert Fraser began appearing to his son Benton as a ghost on various occasions, providing advice and humour in tense situations. When Benton Fraser's apartment building in Chicago was burned to the ground in 1997, the young constable moved to the Canadian consulate where Robert Fraser's ghost followed, taking up residence in his son's closet. Fraser Sr.'s ghost could only be seen by Buck Frobisher, Benton Fraser and his half-sister Maggie MacKenzie who would get to meet his spirit in 1999 and discover she was his daughter.

Fraser Sr.'s ghost was also seen by his enemies Gerrard and Muldoon on two specific occasions, because he wanted them to see him and communicate with them.

Robert Fraser's ghost faded and departed accompanied by Caroline's spirit after Muldoon was caught and arrested in 1999.

Appearances Edit

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