Melissa Some Like it Red
Melissa was a Saint Fortunata Catholic schoolgirl Constable Benton Fraser befriended while undercover as "Miss Fraser" in the spring of 1996. Her best friend Celine was stealing valuable articles from the school's basement and selling them to stash up money and run away. Celine's family situation was very difficult and she would often go missing from the boarding school. Melissa was approached to provide information on her whereabouts. It would appear that Melissa was bullied and suffered from low self-esteem; she looked up to Celine whom she considered beautiful and popular and found a certain sense of self-worth in this friendship. When Celine asked her to run away with her, she refused, but finally agreed to do so. The girls were caught by the men buying the articles from Celine in the school's basement but were rescued by Fraser and Detective Ray Vecchio's intervention. Melissa was shocked to discover Miss Fraser was really a man and felt somewhat betrayed by this.

Melissa was portrayed by American actress Marisol Nichols.

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