Julie Frobisher is Sergeant Buck Frobisher's daughter. In the fall of 1994, she came to Benton Fraser with news that her father had disappeared. She searched for a week before appealing to him for help. She came to him not only because Fraser's father was her father's best friend, but because she had known him a long time and considered him the one person who would be sure to help her.

When Fraser expressed his regret at hearing what happened between Julie and a certain Bruce, whom it can be assumed was her husband, now divorced, she explains that she married the wrong man. She was in love with someone else. After an awkward pause during which she stares pointedly at Fraser, he suddenly becomes flustered. She tells him it wasn't him and he responds by saying "Good. Well, not good..." Clearly, it is the idea that he might have left someone pining that disturbs him more than the idea of ending up married to Julie.

In the end, the subject of Bruce comes up again, and Buck Frobisher confirms that Julie had been in love with someone else: the kind of man who would never let a friend down. Fraser seems pleased to know Julie has such a man in her life, oblivious to what Buck finds obvious: it was Fraser she was in love with, but she won't risk embarrassing or upsetting him by confessing her feelings.

Julie Frobisher was portrayed by Canadian actress Cali Timmins.

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