James Huey is an African-American police officer from Chicago, Illinois. He works as a detective for the Chicago Police Department's 27th district where he was first paired with Detective Louis Gardino. Nicknamed the "Duck Boys" by their colleague Ray Vecchio as a reference to their slick interrogation style ("nothing sticks to their feathers,") Huey and Gardino often clash and compete with Vecchio, yet manage to collaborate and enjoy a game of cards during a stakeout.

Detective Huey shows a strong sense of justice, but tends to jump to conclusions when a tricky case comes along, expressing impatience towards Constable Benton Fraser who sometimes insists on digging deeper or arranging for a suspect to be released when new evidence reveals his innocence. Huey loses his partner Gardino in February 1996 in a car bomb explosion meant for Ray Vecchio. He then works solo, sometimes joining Vecchio and Fraser on their investigations. He is later paired to his new partner Thomas Dewey with whom he starts a stand-up comedy act.

James Huey was portrayed by Trinidadian actor and musician Tony Craig.