Andie Sister The Promise
Andie was a fourteen-year-old girl who had been taken in by social services and spent many years in various foster homes. It is unclear whether her parents were dead, had somehow abandoned her or mistreated her, but as a young adult, her brother Sid had become her custodian, leading her to join a band of pickpockets, reselling the valuable items to pawn shops to provide for their basic needs. Sid had told Andie he was saving the money to afford a trip to Wyoming where their mother's relatives lived and owned a ranch. Andie believed this and looked forward to the day they would finally leave.

In the winter of 1996, Andie stole an electronic organizer filled with sensitive information regarding the Senator from a murderer's coat pocket. Her life was under threat, and both Constable Benton Fraser and Detective Ray Vecchio became involved, trying to protect the siblings and locate the murderer. Fraser took Andie for a carriage ride and listened to her story, discerning the possible lie behind Sid's promise. When Sid admitted to Andie there was no ranch and no family in Wyoming, she ran away but was kidnapped by the man she had stolen the organizer from. Sid contacted the authorities, and a wild chase ensued. Sid was seriously wounded in the process. As he was about to leave in an ambulance, he told Andie they should leave Chicago and seek a healthier lifestyle. He also told Detective Vecchio he had led his sister to steal and she was not responsible for her actions. Vecchio responded he had a friend at the State's Attorney's office and would see to her defense.

Andie was portrayed by Canadian actress Amy Stewart.

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